Welcome I’m TIQ


TIQ aka Lala:

A Daughter Of The Bests

A Sister To Everyone Who Needs A Sister

A Mother

A Grandmother

A Christian

An Imperfect Human Being

Conspiracy Theorists Member Of The #WWG1WGA Worldwide Movement


Founder of TIQ Worldwide (Washington DC)

An Aspiring Humanitarian

National Director in Sales And Marketing

America United LLC, President Of The Utah Chapter

A Blogger/Writer

An Investor

Advocate For Domestic Violence

Advocate for Plus Size Men And Women


A Frugal Shopper. Best Deals. Dress For Less. 

A Couponer

Level 6 Pool player since age 15. APA/American Poolplayers Association (I shoot with different teams for charities, or if I need vacation money I’ll hustle a brother)

Sports Fanatic: Nascar, Football (Dallas Cowboys) Basketball (Chicago Bulls) Rugby, Tennis

Graphic Designer


Humanitarian service to those in need – Contribute time and donate to homeless shelters – “Love thy neighbor”

Genealogy work

Very Informative….

My name is Lala, I’m known by many as TIQ. TIQ, stands for Thy Island Queen. THY it’s a spiritual term. ISLAND referencing my culture, and QUEEN the royal lineage that I’m blessed with from my Tongan, and Samoan side. I am mixed with Tongan, Samoan, Tahitian, and German.

I also believe that most of us women have that vocal voice of a Queen. Never be inferior to another – But during this day and age being bossy and controlling won’t happen either so — Learn to master the beauty of being a woman that everyone will respect and honor. Be the Boss, but not Bossy. Be an Example but not Controlling.

​I am a Polynesian Businesswoman who enjoys life. I love people from all walks of life. I am a humorous person. I am a non-judgmental person. I am vocal it comes with my “own” territory. I enjoy being informative staying ahead of inflation, the stock market, re-calls on a product, health, etc.

I love to write/blog about my own experiences that I face daily from the past to the present and keep moving forward towards the light at the end of the tunnel I suppose; Life as of today and cannot complain – I owe it all to the man upstairs for loving me and believing in me with the “few” fingers full of those residing on this poisonous planet called earth that also believeth in me.

I love God and when I say “I Love God” I do not say it just to make myself look good for others, but I “praise” him because I know my own relationship with the good Lord. I do not care what you or others think or say. I let it be known…. because my God has never faileth protecting me through the adversities I have faced alone. My faith has strengthened a lot.

I try to be honest and I ONLY steer away from the truth to protect the innocent.

I hope my stories or blogs will help you find the answers you seek – as to whatever you are going through in life, I ask you to remain strong in prayer. Some of my blogs or writings can be confrontational and very intense….. But, “It Is What It Is.” It’s about my life experiences and how I choose to handle it or praise it.

I am a woman that has fought a great battle dealing with greedy, selfish, ignorant, judgmental, hypocrites coming from everyone that surrounds me from past to present. I don’t ask for much except for a Diet Coke and my Lays Sour Cream Onion chips 😉 I know what a great mix ha.

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