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That Dentist Appointment, Ugh!

It’s never a good feeling even as an adult to see the Dentist. I went to have 2 extractions and stayed silent all the way home. It was painful. It was icky the taste of blood breaking through the gauze. My face took a… Continue Reading “That Dentist Appointment, Ugh!”

Laundry Day

Do you ever stress over doing laundry? With 8 kids I’m grateful all of them knows how to do laundry. When I visit one of my bachelor sons who is a steelworker I find myself staying in his room for my visit and as… Continue Reading “Laundry Day”


“THE ONLY CHILD” ©TIQ Blog Do Not Use Without Permission. #EldersBlessing #MiMadre #IMissYou I’m not the least worried about my life because I was given my elders blessing. The only child who bathed and cleaned you. We even sat in the tub and laughed together 💔 as the… Continue Reading ““THE ONLY CHILD””

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