We have so much to offer each other as human beings. We CANNOT let the race war win over us.

Too many innocent lives have been taken as young as babies.

It’s started with the death of one man to push an agenda because of the hate for another man.

I’ve never seen so much hate, so much anger and a lot of uneducated people on social media because—>you’re not in my life or else we’d have a long talk.. Uneducated might not be the right word, maybe common sense. I’ve never seen so many people play follow the leader just to be accepted because your lifestyle, actions are not accepted in your own home, or not having a place to call home and go too.

What did I or he and she do to you?

How easily money becomes your Boss. How easily one can be influenced by money and broken promises. How easily you become today’s fool!

Do you have a glimpse of your destiny? Or do you not care?

You’re not fighting for YOU! You’re fighting for Socialism, Marxism, the new Communist party? Is this what YOU wish for? Wake up!

Foreigners from Dictatorship and impoverished countries struggle to get to America. If you despise America, then leave!

Do you think you have ”rights” in these countries?

You’ve closely stripped our American history. Good or bad, you all have outdone yourselves and the lies that now awaits our future generations.

Learn to love yourself first. Learn to forgive yourself first. COLOR should never be the reason for division. Color should never be the reason for decisions made. End the race war!

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