Take a different perspective on life

Work And Be Happy:

When you don’t work, you have low self-esteem, especially during these times. Many of you are used to receiving things from the government for free. The government NOT Trump controls you because you’ve been in this mode for as long as you can remember.

Some of you sell your food stamps for drugs. Some of you live on welfare but the children don’t matter. They are your money maker through the government but you sport name brands as if you’re employed while your children are filthy as ever. Oh I know I’ve worked for public housing for a long time and I’ve visited the projects in the Bronx, New York.

The money is not enough so mothers, daughters are prostituting for nickel bags and you see yourself lucky if a dime bag is worth your broken soul.

The projects or low-income housing is where most gangs are formed on the east coast. Yet, you destroy where you live free not satisfied because you are insecure. Who is at fault when years later it seems hereditary, that your son’s and daughter walk in your footsteps. Who are you to blame?

I don’t miss out on anything.

You are full of anger taking your rage out on innocent lives. I go to sleep praying for the innocent lives impacted and the lost souls driven to an indescribable level to abominate a country that gives you this much freedom.

I do believe everyone has blown “freedom” out of context. Will Americans ever be united? That is a question only YOU the American can answer.

Me, I don’t have the patience for stupidity and the blame game.

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