My Beautiful Utah

What is going on in Utah?

I live in the most amazing state on the west coast. Although I grew up and raised in both Los Angeles and Orange County, California, I have learned so much about street mentality. I can read you. I can feel you. I can sense you.

Utah is not your normal state. We are a friendly state with happy faces that is willing to help a neighbor out.

The new generation I supposed and those transitioning from bordering states have come into Utah looking for employment, they see the difference from being on the East to the West. On the west coast, we are laid back people. I have never ever been around racism in Utah, maybe an ignorance here and there but never to be called out and treated like shit because of the color of our skin.

God put us on this earth for a purpose. We do have 2 sides to our brain just in case some of you forgot-

The choices we make today have a great impact on our children’s future. I find it hard to believe that an absent father could be the cause of the problem because I raised my children as a single mother and I do have a tribe. – Yes, it helps but if he’s not there then woman up, accept and do you and your babies.

I’m from the old school. I will tear that ass up if you’re doing something wrong. My kids will tell you I don’t play and God is my witness because today my kids are very independent living their own lives. Am I proud? Of course, I am. We don’t let ignorance get too far, we will stomp on you before it reaches racism. So by all means don’t bring it to Utah. We are not the garbage truck to pick up your trash from another state.

Learn to master the art of Love. Learn to Love yourself first before you can judge another. I’m no saint because I’m an ass-kicker and I don’t follow no one besides God. My conversation with God is not normal because I keep it real.

These movements are now wanting to defund Police officers. I laugh and not to be judgmental but do you pay taxes and have a job to claim that? Police officers are not perfect but they are perfect for those who need them. You don’t have to like them just do what you’re told to do. There is always a legal way to do things. I have a lot of friends and family in the force and those who work for the government. I respect them.

Learn to move forward rather than living in “someone else’s past” Make a change to be better leaving the violence out which is not the way to go. Innocent people get tired. Quite people get tired. True Americans are getting tired. When all hell breaks loose because many citizens’ have been provoked, and “Job” from the bible a man of patience is not here to counsel you — it’s too late then. What you have started at times won’t end up nice and sometimes it’s going to be lengthy to find that solution, LOVE.


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