My Babies Will Be Leaders Not Follwers

Although I have 3 grandbabies that are half black raised by awesome parents. I’m telling yall. They ain’t gonna turn out to be followers. They will be strong leaders like their parents.


They are being taught of “excuse me” and “thank you” they are being taught respect and that love conquers all. I’m saddened about this black lives matter bullshit that if it ever hits my innocent babies. Trust me I’m on kickass mode.

But should everyone take the blame for their wrongdoings?

It’s all showoff and attention that they’ve never received from home. It’s everyone’s fault? Their damn problem is everyone’s problem. I’m sick of seeing innocent lives “the weak” being attacked. Come this way—20171224_152521

Raise your babies right because the examples come from home/YOU—-If you don’t? They will meet their maker sooner than you think. And don’t go crying about it!!

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