The Race War

STOP, The race war! #GeorgeFloydChallenge #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

We need justice. Fight for justice. Protesting hate makes matters worse. It fuels the fire even more.

My mother once said—-“With a calm voice in negative situations or problems–issues are resolved easily by staying humble”

The ugliness in people comes out during the worst times in our lives. Especially when we follow those that are angered NOT for the betterment to seek justice BUT for retaliation.

The looting and destroying of properties and businesses that support the communities are now innocent victims. I’m lost for words and I am questioning one’s mentality in these situations. The awkward thing about it – When the media asks some of the protestors “why are they protesting?” No one knows the in-depth besides a black man was killed by a white man OR they don’t know why? One just follows the leader.

Although my reactions may differ– as a Christian I try not to contradict my belief in God. Let justice be served accordingly. The system has failed many, but I still have faith in our justice system.

My prayers go out to the Floyd family.

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