Don’t Be A Follower😉

Its human nature to side with one and not the other. Its human nature to choose who you want to hear opposing the individual you dislike. Its human nature to be a follower because you’re weak and don’t have the backbone to be you.

I’ve come across so many people especially family who uses words and lies to manipulate the other. My question is – Do you not have the backbone or guts to confront the individual with a questions so two stories can be heard? Or are you afraid that your name might come up as the accomplice and the instigator in all of the commotion that’s severing ties?twosidestoastory

You see, I come from a family where talk moves and made-up so others can believe the lies destroying lives without even thinking who has been there for you. We are not a tight-knit family and some of my siblings are not leaders but followers. “One” of them enjoys good gossip just to seek attention due that insecurity.  I’ve seen it all and I’m grateful to have spoken with my mother that left this earth as her anger grew greater and no matter what — she left unhappy and many of you are going to pay the price for her sadness. I know, I came in and cared for her showered her and slept with her spending the last hours, minutes, seconds on the road before her passing. My mother stunk so bad it was indescribable.

Family, huh? Reunions that are full of scandalous conniving people with no common sense but they wake up and live to destroy others and kissing all the ass out there just to be noticed. What a life, it must be tiring. God hates ugly. Post all your scriptures and what positivity your share on social media because offline, you’re all hypocrites in God’s eyes. God help you all–😉


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