Truth Hurts

When the truth comes to light everyone scrambles. Some scratch their heads while others are grabbing their asses. Sweating but planning the next move.

UntitledThe ones that attack you hiding behind an avatar or ghost photos are the insecure keyboard warriors isolated in darkness waging their own war from their mentally damaged basement.

“It Is What It Is”

This is not about politics and you a lefty jacking off tries to attack me online. It’s the norm I suppose. But, I only seek the truth for the rights of 400 human beings. You see whether you’re jacking off with your left hand or your right hand (you referring to me as a right wing nutbar)…you lose because bloggers and writers will tear you to shreds worldwide. So much of my love for humanity. Case close heffa!

Comment Left

You’re just another right-wing nutbar. Twitter handle @TIQ1962 – Samoa would be ashamed of you.

  • I think your PM is doing a good job disgracing Samoa don’t you think? Never grew up there but thanks for being a ghost profile it’s called “No Balls” of talk. Take the Bar and hit those wrinkled nuts!!


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