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It’s been a hectic beginning of the week getting pulled in to protecting the human rights of 400 Samoan Crewmen/Sailors out at sea on the MSC/Mediterranean Shipping Company. The original company that employs these men from Samoa called Samoa Shipping Services. Samoa Shipping Services is owned by the Government of Samoa, how convenient. #400STrongBlue

I hear so much about Samoa this and Samoa that and watch the abuse some residence go through as well as the poverty in many villages that are hidden from the world. All the while money donated from around the world is lost in someone’s fat pocket.

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It contradicts everything I used to believe in. A place I saw as paradise. “People of the Sun” I supposed it is – those who grew up in Samoa embrace the motherland because that’s all they know while many left Samoan starting a new life. The corruption continues and it’s time the world sees the reality of how innocent a beautiful island where my great ancestors paved the way for many become so corrupted with greed taking away the human rights of innocent people.  Where is your love for humanity? Where is your love for your Samoan people?

“Jim Walker, Maritime Laywer” I thank Jim Walker for the guidance and support “Everything the cruise lines don’t want you to know” without his guidance I would never get this far digging deeper into what I call the laws of the sea —

Me and my sister filed a petition on behalf of the 400 Crewmen at sea. The complaints are indescribable and inhumane. The Samoan Shipping Services came out with false advertisement “trying” to defend themselves posting not updated photos but past photos of happy crewmen on a ship before the Covid-19. My petition is pretty much self-explanatory pinching nerves and great balls of fire. If it offends you then do something about it.

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