Coronavirus Cure/Vaccine?

The worlds supposedly Dr’s and Scientists are looking for Vaccines for the Coronavirus. But, what about the rest of the illnesses that cures have not been found?

I’m in a state where we went from a high-risk level and now a low level. Well, our risk levels were never high I suppose because our state went about their daily business.

Restaurants were closed now open but everyone still went to work. So what is going on world?

We stop watching the news. The MSM/Main Stream Media have everyone hyped up and fearing for their lives. I myself working out of home and I find it that I’ve watched a lot of movies. The beautiful designs in masks online that everyone is making. I’ve washed my hands more than ever just to follow the rules although I’m surrounded by family and we are fine with our personal hygiene.

Not following the MSM you will definitely see changes in a positive perspective.

If you’ve lost someone in this fight of the Covid-19, my condolence and not to offend anyone. Life is precious–

3 Comments on “Coronavirus Cure/Vaccine?

  1. You’re just another right-wing nutbar. Twitter handle @TIQ1962 – Samoa would be ashamed of you.


    • I think your PM is doing a good job disgracing Samoa don’t you think? Never grew up there but thanks for being a ghost profile it’s called “No Balls” of talk. Take the Bar and hit those wrinkled nuts!!


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