My Life And The Covid-19

I reside in Utah temporarily, always home for me, and to be honest with all of you. Utahns, for the first couple of weeks we slowed down adhering to the guidelines of the coronavirus pandemic by staying indoors–We had our share of fun and my watching everyone fight over toilet paper as if it’s food to their sould. A pile of shit if you ask me—

We Utahns finally pulled our head out of our asses, then realized we were not getting sick. We distanced ourselves from others by not attending church stay away from closed crowds but then, again the daily news briefs from other states began to surface with bullshit upon bullshit. 

I’m really not surprised they (Govenors) are not getting rich off the “shit” they pour out wasting time on briefs but do something to help your states. Imagine if shit was made of gold, New York and California would come in as being the richest states in America.

Our Utah Governor Herbert is a good humbled human being and I’m grateful for what he’s done for our state—Although we were top notch of not listening to social distancing hahaha—


Some states were doing this only for the money – I mean you are looking at $40K for testing an individual, $39K if you’re on ventilators. How greedy are these Governors becoming? Read this –>CLICK HERE Unbelievable, as many are suffering financially. Utahns have always been prepared for emergencies. We have a great system and I’ve posted videos on social media of our daily lives that have not changed here in Utah. My son and nephews work at the airport – and they are doing fine – never missed a day and no symptoms whatsoever.

This madness has to STOP!! Free America!

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