And still, some American’s and others lack ….

I’ve come across so many American families who are not on top of their personal hygiene. I’ve gone to homes where they don’t wash their hands before eating. So much to say but it comes down to common sense. The germs and what we eat kills our immune systems. Years of learning to stay healthy I’ve lacked. It’s all about self-control between my brain and my wants. My brain and following my spirit.

The Coronavirus, deadly if not treated is no different from the rest of the deadly diseases out there because some of us choose to live an unhealthy life. Again, it’s common sense whether it’s snake soup Ugh, or Chicken soup that we consume. How its handles or canned but unsanitized hands leads to us all being affected.  Well Snake soup lord help us all but some countries enjoy their cuisine *winks*

Stay clean and be alert at all times–

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