Lamanite vs Nephites

I’m saddened by all this, like literally and seriously—The Mormon church changes on the BoM, but wait it’s a mistake — Makes others wonder. The Bible will always be “my” Truth and Justice instilled by the Power Of God. The Bible can never be altered no matter what others thinks or assume. It’s a permutation that can never be done…no matter how monetized one wants it.

😞Noted Darius Gray, former leader of the Genesis support group for black Latter-day Saints, has worked tirelessly “to get such teachings removed from the bookshelves, and now it has been sent out under the church’s name.” “It does not matter that a corrected or revised version appears online,” Harwell said. “The church cannot produce enough videos to undo this. It will essentially reset the clock and allow another generation to perpetuate such racist beliefs.”

This Big BooBoo clears up what I have tried to explain to my Polynesian, Asian, Hispanic members. We are the Lamanites, We are the people of color. We are no different between Blacks/Africans. This Big BooBoo made by the church just brought enlightenment to what I have been trying to explain. Hello, you are not Nephites, YOU are NOT White. Therefore if racism exists in the Mormon church and surely it does. Take the truth and suck it in. You refer to Kaigo, hello if that is the case YOU are from Cain/Kaigo. How did the church differentiate us?

By me, A Woman Of Color — Lala Palelei

Back in the days, we had Lamanite and Nephite conferences. All the black and browns, as well as Native Americans, attended the Lamanite conferences. Long story short they stopped having these conferences because WE the Lamanites were destroying shit! Today, You are separated by wards that is what I call segregation in a church. Do away with wards and let everyone come together and be one. Interpreters will always be on hands like the good old days. Don’t you think? Nephites save money to do spiritual things. Lamanites save money to dance and eat until they burst then BAM—- Infidelities kick in because of these so-called meets and greet and greet with another daeboo (fart slang). Truth hurts but I’ve seen and know many of you that fall in this category. AND still testing your challenge to the Sacrament on Sundays.

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