Speaking with someone this morning breaking down after a divorce I counseled her based on my own experience and why I am who I am.
I’ve been down on the brink of death. I’ve been down due to promises not kept. I’ve down and NOT blaming others, but blaming myself for being STUPID in a nice manner.
We can uplift each other through actions. As a Blogger and a Writer I can tear anyone down through writings on my website that can go viral and through my forums.
I’ve changed a lot in so many ways and I intend to TRY to be the better me today than I was yesterday. Everyday pushes me closer to God, to that infamous Light, and Loving myself more and more for what I have put myself through.
Rise up and fight for YOU because no one else will. Fight for your own strength. Never back down. Never hide your feelings. My life grew up on secrets. Secrets that I disclosed in my writings. It’s weight off my shoulders for others to use my experience to better themselves OR come out of the worst of challenges.
Adversities a bitch but you can be the better bitch if you choose the right path. That saying — It is not how you fall that matters. It’s how carry yourself UP and perceive by kicking all the ass that speak negatively of you through actions. Drive your goals and let God be that driver in whatever you do. I do!

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