Life In America For Me Lately

I wake up every morning hoping that one day I don’t have to post something positive on my Facebook or other social media platforms to get everyone in a good mood.

I’m beginning to assume that the majority wakes up lashing out their personal problems from home and bringing it to social media. I mean I’m an open book and everyone sees my writing as Vlogs. I shared what I feel will bring readers attention to find answers or a laugh or two then here comes my political views where everyone does not share the same views and gets offended and were up shit-creek without no paddles to pound another on the head.

We have a President in the middle of an impeachment inquiry put forth by the Democrat party after he’s been in the office going on 4 years, come on people. I’m sure there are more we can focus on because I’ve supported every President that has sat in the White House and all of them come with baggage, we just need to do our job and why the American people voted you to be in Congress and so forth. All this media attention is blowing up my feeds, my television, emails and I’m surprised it hasn’t blown up my toilet that I visit often. Yes, too much information right ha.

When will we learn to live together and be on the same page?

The world is laughing at us — we are the reality show every single day. What can we do to make life better for every individual in America? I continue to do me by writing and laughing because it’s my nature to put a smile on someone’s face and do one act of kindness daily. Our examples of showing compassion and kindness play a vital role in our world today despite differences and challenges. We all have a heart and we can change hearts to feel compassion for others. I wish someone can do the same for me haha. Stop being the Grinch throughout the year. Someone has to give in and be the better person with a warm heart and not cold as ice.

I can go deep with political views but I will not let anyone’s ignorance get to me because I can come across hard as well. So, pray daily and think before you speak. If nothing good comes out of your mouth then its best to shut up, right? *winks*

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