Don’t we just love Mondays?

Yesterday, October 27th it was snowing the first time and winter is closing in. Being back in Utah really is a blessing because Utah is such a beautiful family-oriented state. This state is starting to fill with my people, Polynesian people. Get out! Only I am allowed here haha.

Today, Monday and the sun is up and I’m looking forward to a beautiful day that God has blessed us with as usual. I cannot complain especially waking up with the breath of life every single day.


I’m up early prepping up for my soon upcoming trip to California — to the great OC / Orange County, it’s home sweet home where I was raised after being in Hawaii, to Los Angeles then Santa Ana, which is in Orange County. The beauty of my life is my traveling where ever business or personal events take me. The prepping of a car rental and those who will be the extra important baggage in the vehicle have to be on the same page. I don’t like to be unorganized and tend to get upset when I’m late or my timing is delayed unless it’s out of my control.

Monday, the busy start of the new week that many do not look forward to. Look at it this way, it’s your challenge to better yourself — if you’re building your own castle then you don’t need to answer or punch anyone’s time clock. I know it’s easier said than done. We can make changes in our lives so we can sleep in on a Monday or like me, work from my bed until I’m ready to leave the house. God is surely good people. Make it happen for all the right reasons. Happy Monday and Be Safe.

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