(TIQ whispers)
In a world so cold, a world where one can be lonely or isolated from her peers, friends, and family.
We have often question ourselves why? Why……I am so tired of carrying someone’s burden and load? Do they not understand that the secrets hidden in me, are mainly destruction to your loved ones.? Some Secrets can be the answer to one’s pain.

I guess.. this is the true meaning of  “pssssst can you keep a secret?”

How are we able to differentiate secrets? Especially when it brings great harm to one’s relationship or family. I spoke with a friend yesterday, she tells me “I am having an affair?” I ask “And your point is?” she tells me “can you keep a secret?” hahaha! yes it’s funny because no more will I carry one’s burden, not to mention stupidity

How can one live with themselves, and forgiveness? Well, I can’t answer that one! Selfishness plays a big role. Being absent-minded and shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! “They do catch up with you” and please don’t contradict yourselves:)

Trust me my life is an open book, everyone knows my life or what they assume of me before I know myself. All they had to do is “ask me” for the truth and nothing but the truth. Unless you would like to have thing revealed in a better time.
I know at times, secrets are helpful depending on the situation. Also, we need to be at our own discretion.
I can say…I am much better than most. Ouch! nerve pinching huh! Oh but wait! come closer….

“Can you keep that secret?”

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