Forgive You How Many Times?


Everyone clings to their own personality. I grew up trusting everyone and their mama. If I come on strong it’s because you either betrayed our trust OR you’re full of shit.

It’s really hard to take in at my age as we are not getting younger. I move on especially the good that was done, now turned sour.

Forgiveness is not something that is easy for me to do, over and over and over. I’m a human being with feelings. I’m a human being that cannot turn the other cheek. Most of all, I’m a human being because I’m God’s child. Gods child who was put on this earth to know right from wrong and exercise my free agency. I can do bad all by myself—-and I can do good as well.

💩 gets old then I go MIA/MissingInAction!

Know That! May you walk in the path of truth and righteousness, if not, fall on your face and splatter!!

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