Trust Turned Sour

So, I did the impossible. Got a used iPhone from a family member that never removed her iCloud info. My phone was damaged and I was happy, hey, I saved some money on an iPhone. Well, the past two months my contact list came up on her phone and not once she mentioned it to me.

My photos came up on her phone as well – It made me regret not taking a full moon of my ass.

Screenshot 2019-09-07 at 1.18.21 PM

I started to receive calls from business colleagues that someone (her) was prospecting them to join one of the business I and this family are invested in individually. This really made me angry. I had to vent blasted her on Facebook after I questioned her.

Awwww, Facebook how you always seem to bring the devil out of people haha. This family member tells me “I’m sorry”…. I’m saying to myself “I’m sorry my ass” I’m not keen to sneaky people especially when they are your own blood which is heartbreaking.

I have a childhood friend (Lua) fighting cancer in the hospital from Hawaii. This family member prospected her and other contacts of mine. I felt bad for my childhood friend. But when we spoke Lua was too weak to argue about the text, yet humble and tells me not to do business with this family member. Lua literally, apologize to me for having a bad family member in such a weak tone of voice, Lua melted my heart as I feel helpless of what she is going through it made me angrier. 

Who in their right mind has the damn audacity to do something like this and for the past 2 months? Not one word until I questioned her?  

I’ve tried every way possible to remove the iCloud not asking her for the information needed because I’m upset. iPhone tells me they cannot do anything because it would be fraudulent on my part, and for me to reach out to the previous owner. All I needed were the security answers to remove her iCloud account. I gave up went a purchased a new iPhone.

My anger came down to disappointment and my trust in her has decreased drastically.

I feel I have been dragged into some confrontations that she’s provoked and instigated having my nerves flying around and my blood pressure up.

Things will never be the same again, that I can assure everyone.

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