Social Media, My Facebook Account

Social Media’s a game to those that are putting their brand out there. As a Blogger I blog on my social media sites at times I don’t share it on my website cause I’m busy or running behind.

I’m very vocal and I’m very real when it comes to topics. When they unfriend me who cares–I still sleep fine at night with a smile after taking my Diabetes meds haha.

I recently had a Business Rant⬅️post topic. I mentioned that I was ranting at one of the businesses as a Credit Restoration Agent, an Agent that help those to restore their credit to having a fresh start in life.

But, making a long blog short – when I pinch nerves that is when I know my writing and blogging have reached a marker and that non-potential reader or business unfriend themselves out of anger? out of guilt? Someone that by far will never get anywhere with an attitude that is not able to handle the truth or being criticized.

I’m a businesswoman that is very serious about business but, there are times I sit back relax and observe. Some newbie in the business world sees it as a competition. Some look at it like the stock market, some just follow those that don’t know shit but continue to promote without an explanation.

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