Diet and Health, Ummmmm….

This Mama is taking the easy way out. I’m getting the gastric sleeve.

What is mind-boggling is that I rarely see any video’s of big women slash before and after unless it’s a weight loss surgery. Okay, let’s go 1% if anything on what I saw and she was not even a big person. I mean I want to see a 400-500-600 lose weight by working out. Tell me your secret if you have one.

I remember reading a post on Facebook where this woman who have been fat, and I use the word fat because there are so many wording to us fat people. Were Plus Size, then were Super Super Plus Size as if were at McDonald’s all day long – then were the Curves, Volumptuous etc. Look here when we started off gaining the weight we are considered FAT there is no other way around it and the Plus Size business I was in, well many of the women would get offended when I say FAT, why? My Polynesian people know were FAT, and we laugh and accept our beautiful fat bodies so deal with it. …

This woman claimed she lost the weight by eating right. Okay, but how can you lose so much weight in less than a year. She was over 400 lbs. I had to comment and tell her to stop her lying. Then she replies okay the Dr took some out but….I replied “Delete your post!”…somewhat? Gees people — inspire me not lie to us and make us fat people look bad.

Back to work out…..

Then we have a small petite gal and guy with muscles that are teaching us Zumba, or working out in the gym like really? Do you know how fast my heart is beating on fast mode? Do you know how my knees are feeling getting ready to beg you to stop and praying at the same time, of course, ready to fall flat on the floor?

I’m a reader just like many of you and I try to read everything. Everyone has an answer to the body you are NOT in. Everyone has the answers to the body that you are not aware of the damage to someone with Atrial Fibrillation to Congestive Heart Failure.

I have been around personal trainers who look more like models and she expects me to have a body like her? I’m straight I’ll take the Gastric weight loss and then train to maintain that future weight.

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