Prepping For My Gastric Bypass

I’m 3 months away from having my weight loss surgery. This will be my second time around, now the first time I prepped up for it with strenuous months of appointments, traveling and dieting to minimize my liver, just for Bariatric team to tell me I’ve been denied due to my A1C level being at 9, well it’s still at 9.3 today.

A1C is taken every three months so I’m anxious about where it will be in 3 months.

Although I have lost some weight from the Lasix (prescribed water pills) and controlling my Diabetes that was kicking my buttocks left to right – I felt I mightest well move into the restroom. At this age of 56, I am nowhere looking forward to wearing adult diapers, nada por nada por nada.

Photo: Las Vegas, 2016 getting off church–115′ hot! hot! hot! I’m telling yall pulling that weight in the hot degrees of Vegas is not happening.13653487_10208622594115650_4333845663426597542_o

Weight loss surgery is not something I wanted but, it was something my Cardiologist(s) and Provider suggested in Las Vegas. I had to pray on it because my health was at risk especially with heart problems. A-Fib/Atrial fibrillation and Congestive Heart Failure added onto the Diabetes is not a good combo.

I’m very stubborn and I am a fighter despite my uncontrollable breathing from the (A-Fib). I exercise daily and no, no not the extreme workouts. My workouts have to go based on my heart and it’s rhythm. I have to stop quite often rest and continue, if not I will have a heart attack.

Some of us big people need to be careful of what our intakes are. Yes, we love our bodies but, we should also love our bodies enough to protect them from illnesses. I can’t tell anyone what and what not to eat. I just limit what I consume and I’ve eliminated salt, fry foods, and starch. By the way, some fruits are not good they are too sweet.

You see, telling a Polynesian to go on a Diet is like telling Lilo on the Lilo and Stitch movie, yes “Ohana means I’m leaving your ass behind!” we love food too much and hitting the Buffets whether you like or not is no one’s business.


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