That Darn Charley Horse!

I and my sister along with my 24-year-old niece made our way to California recently (July 2019) for my nephew’s wedding. Now before we left we spoke about preparation. I pack very light I sometimes feel “Omg! me and my sister alone are heavy” and the add on luggage is NOT good for a long trip. Yes me and my mentality. Then it’s the three of us traveling so I’m also thinking “deaths go in three’s”…. Lord have mercy I’m making this trip more complicated as If I haven’t driven from Utah to California before.

We’ve decided that we will leave around 9ish at night since it’s fewer traffic and roads are clear, it’s just us three and the Phantom of the Opera on deck. I really need to stop watching scary movies that I don’t like but, my niece is a pusher of “I dare you Aunty”

Honestly, me and my sister are a nutcase, and we enjoy our laughs and jokes. We do a lot of things together. Some call us Ying and Yang, Pani and Popo (Panipopo) Coconut and Bun it’s a Polynesian dessert. Or Thelma and Louis (I don’t know about this one) and Myrtle and Welma….


My sister took the wheel first while I play the co-pilot asking every minute “are you okay?” and she replies “I’m okay”…… honestly sometimes my sister is not okay but, having her hands on this awesome beautiful rental was a match made in heaven for her. I’m the long-distance driver and she’s the Utah driver inside the city only. (Utah drivers many can’t drive) *winks* So I was a bit worried. I said to my sister … “pullover I need to drive you’ve driven long enough”…. she tells’ me she’s good. I asked, are you sure? She said yes! So we’re moving along through the dangerous mountains of Utah and if you don’t know how to drive through these mountains you will find yourself in an accident. It’s narrow and everyone tends to go with the traffic while Myrtle (my name for her) is being a slowpoke. By now it’s daylight and the sun is shining bright. I noticed my sister was falling asleep and ready to hit the pavement. I yanked on the steering wheel and she yells out, “you scared me!!” I yelled back “you’re ready to kill us!!” and told her to pull over right now! I was a bit upset….. once we got out of the mountains she pulled over and then here comes Charley riding on his horse.

My sister pulled over and started screaming that she had a Charley horse on her right thigh. I yelled pull over!! She pulls over and were right on the line of the freeway instead of the outer side where it’s safer. I was not aware of this until I came around to help her with her cramping and take over the wheel. My sister is screaming and crying and tells me to massage her thigh. I’m yelling back this is the wrong time for Charley to be riding his damn horse!

I’m bending over massaging her and my butt is out in traffic the car door as well and we have truckers honking at us. I take it they enjoy the full moon GRRRRRRR!

(coming through the Utah mountains)


I told my sister we need to get her in the back seat. I’m sure someone was Facebooking the both of us on that highway ha. I’m trying to stay off the freeway as two big women are sliding from the side of the car to the back seat, and bellies now in traffic. I then asked my sister “Can we go Facebook live?” She was not happy with my request. Well, I finally got her into the car and massaged her and told her we need to get off the road. She felt somewhat okay as she laid across while my niece came to the passenger’s seat.

Not far from the next exit which was 10 miles out and here comes Charley on his damn horse again and this time it’s on her left thigh, goodness gracious! We pulled into a gas station and we helped out of the care so she can stand up. I massaged not one but, both thighs, ayaiyai caramba! But, my sister felt so much better and took a walk to circulate those muscles, veins, blood, Polynesian meat and whatever Charley came for.

When we were ready to continue our trip, I said to my sister “okay, this is what’s gonna happen to you — if Charley on his horse comes riding through disrupting our trip again — I’m pushing you, Charlie and that darn horse out the door.”

(saying goodbye to family our last dinner together/Olive Garden)


Our trip was memorable— It was hilarious! Never a dull moment with Pani and Popo. Missing family back in Orange County, Califonia.


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