My Personal Advice

Do you!

Everyone has their take on how one should look like. Just remember that some of us hide behind makeup, filters, and photoshop just to look young or look older. I mean it is the model industry way of life and many of us follow the fashion trend.

I’m 56 years of age without a wrinkle. It’s the wrong makeup that will bite your face.

I knew someone that would try everything that she saw on Pinterest and the girl gained weight, had more wrinkles from here to Timbuktu it was terrible. She would spend so much money on different products rather than sticking to one (me personally) it was eating her face up.


Love your look for heaven sakes. Want to wear makeup experience on yourself. I use to wear so much different hair colors I was the walking rainbow representing equality LMBO!!! That’s how bad my hair had got. You can’t miss me walking by. But no one to blame except me for being so experimental.

This photo all I’m wearing is eyeliner and a face moisturizer which is Coconut Oil. I don’t buy expensive makeup but the NuSkin product I was told by my customers it’s great. I use their lipgloss and that’s about it. I refuse to mix makeup. I do get a facial every now and then. I see women wearing makeup and I ask myself she’s not glowing but glimmering. Stardust to the face that new look that’s trending. Wellll……

No difference from a Diet – it seems as if everyone knows about a diet plan. But you seldom see a fat person working out down to being thin. Nowadays everyone is getting weight loss surgery I know I am. Not by choice but I’ll see for myself where this new journey takes me.

Love your inner and outer beauty that was the gift you were born with. Although there are exceptions.

Much love and have a great week…..

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