My Polynesia Shines

Congrats Miss Plus World and Miss Plus Intercontinental (Thank you Miss Plus World 2019 for your contribution and those who’ve captured this amazing moment)

Such beauty that filled the room. Never and I mean never have my own (Polynesian) have taken such an award when it came to Plus size competitions.

Since working with different Plus size men and women in the past. I’m proud of those who made the effort to find their beauty within because many came with insecurities of their own bodies.


Were told to stay healthy, and have witnessed some of these women collapse on stage because of their health. My message was to always love yourself, love your body but, you have to pamper your body and be healthy at the same time. Us Plus size women have to be on top of our game representing the thickness of our beauty to the world, A world that has not fully accepted us because of our weight BUT we strut on and move forward.


Well, this night shed so much light on my own people that Yes, it can happen. I congratulate all these women for their outstanding beauty and talent. Thank you! Thank you!

May God bless each of you on your new journey.


I will be going in for the gastric bypass within the next 3 months due to health issues. So I will be missing my voluptuous curves. My Dr’s orders as well as my Cardiologist. (Another post)

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