An Important Goal

It’s always been a goal for me to make sure that I stay in a positive mode. That I would wake up every day knowing that someone else will smile because of my positive actions leaving them having a wonderful day. That person will leave all worries and just smile – duplicate it.


I love people. I’m that people person always smiling saying hello, good morning, hi there. I smile you can call it contagious. I enjoy giving hugs, but, many do not understand how powerful a hug can be. Others might see it weird, well I grew up in that atmosphere where I’ve been taught to Love One Another. I didn’t live a perfect life, but, I knew how to make others feel happy and feel loved. It’s my humor as well. I suppose it is contagious.

Live life and enjoy every moment of it. When everyone smiles because of good intentions then you and I have done our job. It’s not that hard you know.



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