That Dentist Appointment, Ugh!

It’s never a good feeling even as an adult to see the Dentist. I went to have 2 extractions and stayed silent all the way home. It was painful. It was icky the taste of blood breaking through the gauze.

My face took a beating. I need partials or maybe take them all out and jump in with the implants.

The older I get I feel as if my teeth are weakening on its own.

My mother passed away at the age of 80 and she had the perfect teeth. Her Dentist was shocked to see a woman at her age with all her teeth. It was a full physical exam she undergo prepping for her church mission. My mother passed away with all her teeth, and here I am ummmmmmm😬

The Dental Assistant tells me to take Ibuprofen, well I’m Diabetic and only Tylenol can be taken. Lucky me😬


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