#PumbaForever Shoeline Collection

I’ve recently launched a new shoe line collection name Pumba Forever. I’m grateful to Aliveshoes for the jumpstart.

Pumba Forever-shoes-with_box camouflage

Living every day knowing you will not see that child of yours that has passed on its heartbreaking.

Life has not been easy without my son who would have been 23 this year. He was my second to the youngest and my only left-handed child. He was just starting out to play the trombone and dance in our Polynesian dance group. This is a child who picked up so quickly in all that he did and very talented.


After his passing, it was Blogging that took a big twist in my life on a positive side. I never binge eating to deal with my emotions or stress. I wrote and as I pen away, it gave me an entirely new meaning on life. My blogging was my get-away. My blogging was my sanctuary. My blogging made me feel closer to my son more than ever. I was able to connect my daily life and sharing it with Pumba (nickname)

Recently, I decided I needed more in his memory to make it permanently and inspiring. You see, Pumba has 7 other siblings and each are each other’s “Keeper.” These children are inseparable and they have each other’s back. The love they share was unbreakable. That is the message with the new Pumba Forever to the world. Walk and be that brother or sisters keeper, to spread love throughout the world. Love your siblings. Love your family. Love other — Love One Another.

IMG_4032 (1)

Thank you, Pumba for your inspiration. Rest in peace my child and continue to guide this mother of yours in every positive direction possible.


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