Hmmmmm Tuesday Thoughts

My efforts to move forward alone in my own path without negative people and their negative vibes have given me the mindset to never look back. Only to look back for answers unfound that would further my knowledge in my genealogy, another passion of mine or answers from the help of my parent’s teachings.

Slowly steering myself away from social media full of gossip, hate, lies, and betrayal would only lead me to unmask the true identity of many that surround me or want to be .  Those that are able but, refusing to create a life of their own but, rather use others to benefits to their own insecurity. So they manipulate self afflicted by pouring their own lighter fluid ready to burn due to the evilness they’ve either created or starting to.

I’ve seen so many online people with false hope, false expectations and not supportive of one another. No matter how much you try to bring a smile or some type of positive inspiration to uplift others. The lost feel incomplete and dissatisfied in whatever you try and do. They will only call you when you’re needed for their own personal gain.



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