That Life

It’s been a while blogging on my own website, but, fingers move fast on my social media pages.


I cannot complain about life besides, I’m grateful to the man upstairs for his daily guidance and waking up with the certainty that I will pursue at least one act of kindness to someone in need and everyone should. I’ve had some setbacks here and there but, life overall is great!

It’s Monday, the workweek begins with the hustle and bustle of grinding and doctor appointments. I’m grateful for those orders that are non-stop going out on time to those who are in need to stay healthy. Nowadays it’s being healthy that is trending.

Life can be challenging when it takes that one upsetting news to kill your hyped up mode. How does one take that in? You are happy with life and when you’re happy you are able to tackle anything supposedly and then you receive a “hypocritical” phone call from a family that I have separated myself with. I want nothing to do with those that I have tried to bring together, wasted my time helping out. They all have failed me and my parents.

I and those around me were taught from growing up to love one another and most do not know the meaning attached to its actions. On social media, everyone is two-sided talking to themselves and confuse which is the real you. They tend to forget which character they portray online and offline. Is this Christianity? No, it is not.  Sunday comes around all is dandy everyone hides their true colors. This is why people should not preach and teach while contradicting their actions.

Many get offended when I call them out. I really don’t understand why nor do I give a damn. This is what I have experienced, seen and approached.

I can only pray that everyone gets right with God if you believe in God. As for me and my house, I will continue to serve the Lord by all his expectations.

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