This blog is for my sister Faanimo Schuster…. just a thought and sisterly share..


When I was in College my mother took a second job. She worked at an elderly group home in Santa Ana, California — became a CNA/Certified Nurses Aid. I was attending college at the age of 16, mid-term high school graduate. My father signed me into college because I was still a minor. A lot of studying for a youngster – I am a bookworm and writer.


My mother then suggested if I were to look for a job because I was taking Legal Assistance classes working my way to becoming a Lawyer. I worked at courthouses, at law offices to learn and educate many cases back then from California to Utah to Washington DC recently. I’m an Advocate now–




📌My mother tells me to defend the rights of the elderly and children. And if I don’t graduate, to work in a group home and stop the abuse among the elderly and children as well. This is a story I have never disclosed because it’s one of the sacred memory of my mother instilled in my heart – it’s a sensitive trigger to my heart till this day. I’m an advocate now — and Utah, Las Vegas court Interpreter. (Free of my own services)


📌I am guided by God today to help the Elderly and Kids that are unwanted by others as well as my love for Humanity. I might NOT have followed my mothers’ footsteps into the elderly group home. BUT you bet your arse I will protect the rights of the elderly and children that cross my path I will make it my business if I see any abuse among the Elderly and Children because they are GOD’S CHILDREN placed on this earth.
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