April 2019 – Who’s The Fool?

Yes, we are in April and curious about how everyone is doing and what are your plans for the month. I’m busy as usual trying to meet all expectations in the different businesses that I am involved in.

I need to eliminate myself from people who don’t seem to get it. I have found myself in the middle of some of my own Polynesian people  –  The, You do the work while I get paid and sit. Well, things have gotten old and I am starting to distance myself from helping. I’m tired of stupidity and those that “think” they know it all when they aren’t even permanently stable.

The opportunity of freedom on what you’re acquiring from me and others who are trying the best to help again that help is free/freedom. Where are the mentality and hearts at?

April has been a fool for many fools who lack the knowledge of learning and educating themselves to make things easier for themselves. I’m flabbergasted of how many of my own people who don’t have it all there.

We need to pray every morning which it’s off to a good start and ask God for guidance. This lifts a lot of burden off my shoulders and others who are straining to help you to be a better person while “we” are trying our best to stay happy in our own lives so were able to stay positive to uplift people like you – I see the difference in perspective.


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