When You’re Dragged Into Someone Else’s Storm

Lately, I have been dealing with a lot mentally, emotionally and somewhat physically.

We live in a world where we feel obligated to cater to everyone’s need. Sometimes we are the ones that are caught in the middle of a whirlwind of negativity and carried off to the unknown world from others storm.

How do we fix the problem by being a good human being? How can you enlighten me by answering my one question that some of you wake up and your task is to destroy others–Is this not true? I grew up in a Christian family that “love” was taught, how we turned out whether bad or good was our own choices and decisions.


I have never seen my parents harm each other. I have never seen my parents teach us the ways of such violence, violence came to us, well in my case, I sought out to find it.

Our home was invaded by family members whom we trusted and friends we catered to. You see this is where I personally have rode every storm.

This is a life’s lesson that we should take the time to think before we take advantage of others. 

I stress out to Love and Forgive. I personally had a hard time forgiving for many many years … but my heart’s content has made me a better person today than I was yesterday. 



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