Laundry Day

Do you ever stress over doing laundry? With 8 kids I’m grateful all of them knows how to do laundry.

When I visit one of my bachelor sons who is a steelworker I find myself staying in his room for my visit and as a mother, I help out by doing his laundry. I seldom see my son because of the hours he puts in at work. I believe he sleeps at work more than home.

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Loads of laundry and away I go with doing my motherly task. I’m very picky about laundry soap because of our skin. This son of mine grew up with Eczema, of course, its gone as he grew much older learning to care for his skin.

Mothers work never ends for me personally when I visit my gazillion children. I’m blessed to be able to cater to my kids especially the single ones that are living their single life to the fullest.

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