Looking back at every one I have helped and forked out money to. Honestly, there comes a time — I stop listening to excuses because I’m not a patient person when it comes to meetings, appts, just things being unorganized.

I read posts on Facebook of bullshitters of who’s making it happen but you’re stuck in that same old rut. Life has not moved forward. The lies that follow many.

Welcome to Social Media…..

I’m far from perfect but I have jumped off buses, airplanes to help many. I have people lied they had cancer when it was all attention. I have had people lied about me because I’m a warrior and fighter defending “MY” family, and defending my assets, but that is in God’s hands because I see God has already, and continue to remove the headaches from me.

I’ve been tested by the waters of patience and humility. As long as I keep my little circle strong, be good with God and not be a hypocrite like many come across which is scary, otherwise, I’m good. Hypocrites are people who claim to love God but don’t live his principles. Honestly, this is my first cursing mini post in a while now. So Lord have mercy on me, it’s venting time.


I’m a businesswoman with a drive. I drive myself every day to help others free of service and to be a better person because of my humanitarian heart. Some people don’t want the challenge. They want others to move their feet for them. This is a reality, if you don’t get off your ass and do you, you will be two feet glued to the floor buttocks on the couch, addiction to your remote for the tv, and log in to Facebook to read gossip and checking up on your ex’s etc for the rest of your lives. Negativity and Laziness will be your domain. STOP IT!

Wait till next week
Wait till next month 
this, and that—-
But, But……

If I cannot motivate you to be a better person then step aside. I don’t wait for no one when it comes to business I’m a go-getter person and I can make things happen 24/7. I’ve fallen before and trust me no one is in my way anymore from rising above all.

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