Black Bear Restaurant

I started my day pretty much on the busy mode. It’s cold and me and my passengers were getting hungry. We decided to hit IHOP and for some reason, it was so crowded that the employee tells us were looking at 35minutes plus wait. Well, I don’t think my belly can wait for 35 minutes the lines nearly came outside the door and it was packed and overcrowded.

We decided to eat at Black Bear Restaurant. I don’t understand some of these people. They just had Christmas and everyone seems to sad, stressed, intimidating and no smile. C’mon now it’s not my fault you didn’t get a present.

We had an awesome Waiter. Didn’t get his name but he kept apologizing for being behind with his customers. We were fine with it as we can see it’s packed and feeling sorry for the guy. I’m sure some angry customer is not making his day go well.

Me and my sister and my niece are smiling as usual just to make someone’s day. I find it pathetic that everyone is so doodoo angry or just frowning for the heck of it. I enjoyed our breakfast and we were on our way to finish up our errands in the cold. Snow is slowly melting but it is cold.

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