My Thoughts On Christmas Day That The World Celebrates. I Don’t…

The best gift in this world is to “Love One Another” the gift which our Savior sacrificed his life for us is priceless and many don’t uphold it. I know I most definitely do because it’s my nature to smile, I’m a hugger and I must say although I don’t know you I love you. I love life, I have my ups and downs but my challenges and adversities are my strength.

So many of you who are celebrating today being the Savior’s birthday, “your assumptions” and I respect all of you. JUST remember when giving that gift you don’t contradict yourselves and as to why?—follow the teachings of our Savior who was born in swaddling clothes without nothing.

Today or any given day or time, the coming of the Son of God nearer (those of you who believe in God) — If you can take the time to celebrate you can take the time to prep up now.

We live in a life of being materialistic and full of evil – at times many are contradicting to what they preach and I’ve heard it all from family and friends, it’s called “hypocrite”…..

I bet yall after today, yall gonna be treating each other like shit because it’s a pattern or cycle that is common and it has to be broken just like Thanksgiving. We thank then eff each other up the very next day.

Be nice and LEARN to master his words and actions to Love One Another as he Loved us –

Happy Holidays And Be Safe–

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