Leave Me Be. I’m Fine Spiritually!

Being here almost 2 months it’s good to see a family Finally go to church.

We all have our excuses and it doesn’t matter what church as long as you believe in God and follow his rightful teachings. Now, Your own teachings and belief may differ mine — Just don’t come at me to be you while I’ve already picked mine. As I’ve mentioned–I’ve asked the church offices to relinquish or discontinue my membership with the Mormon church months and months prior coming back to Utah and here temporarily.

Leave me in peace and do you because some of your actions are not to what the gospel principles have taught. I was pushed and pushed and pushed until I cannot take any more. I decided to go back to my own father’s church, The Seventh Day Adventist. I’m content and I’m still the same person with a good heart and humor – added on to my being vocal.

Don’t change because I haven’t as a human being. It contradicts one that I have not seen open a bible, has family home evening or prayers–then last night another conversation was brought up again of my changing church this is what happens when we are not on the same page of “Mind your business.” 

One pattern that I have picked up from “some” members of the Mormon church is “gossip”…. as many times as the Prophets preaches on “gossip” people in high callings are always gossiping from the women to the men and I’ve seen this in the Polynesian wards continuously. Another is when you don’t attend church you don’t see anyone “anymore” come to visit you. So as long as you are in church on Sunday, they will play footsies, be nice come over hang out but once you become separated where you need them the most — You’re a lost cause of hope and you’re a ghost on their list. Many really do make you feel like shit! Hypocrites!!

Many Bishops that I personally know of – confession is not a private matter. Your entire ward becomes part of what you just dropped on your Bishops desk. Some of these Polynesian wards are fueled with insecurities they contradict what they preach. The nasty jokes in public. The murmuring of another. I supposed this is the reason why we’re sending missionaries out to the mission field to fill in the hole of members like me who left the church. I feel years wasted growing up to perfection among my own people as a Mormon and yet my own people are thee worst that the church office cannot even see the adultery, ongoing infidelities and more that goes on within and yet these men and women continue to hold high callings within the church. I am more temple worthy than most. 

If you are not God then I suggest you STFU! My mistakes are between me and God and I don’t pray repeatedly like a broken record like everyone else I hear on Sundays. My prayers are personal and everyone needs to change their tune.

You may read my blog….. but if you get offended and leave the nastiest of comments I will post it on social media even if you show up anonymous, just to show the insecure mind of one or someone that I have pinched a nerve. Stay humble and respect my personal views, and disappointments. That is why it’s called a blog!

Also, remember to “Love One Another”…..it’s one of the Mormon church “saying” treat others the way you want to be treated. 

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