You Are The Darn Problem!!

Do some of you get to that point you are tired of peoples rants? Like seriously! They either call to tell the same old problem or when you yourself call to see how they’re doing afraid to ask “how are you guys doing?” Then here it comes the same old bullshit you don’t want to deal with. 

When this happens honestly I don’t even want to hear it because it’s not easy letting go people that whine, complain and throw their rants. I want people to vent but, please not over the same old bullshit….

Letting go people on my social media pages can be frustrating especially when it’s a childhood friend or family member.

Honestly, I’m at that age that I can’t handle the same old rants and complaints. It tampers with my soul. If you can’t change the problem then YOU are the darn PROBLEM‼️

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