Family Drama-The Abuse! That Many Do Not Know Of…..

I don’t know where to even begin. A child grew up in a family that’s been so dramatic and constant fighting. I mean we are speaking of physical fighting hurting each other. 

The city of Santa Ana, and the Mormon church they attended never liked this family called the “Sio”…. They would fight their battles in church and remember one of the aunts tried to attack the Bishop with a knife. Where was the Mormon church and why was this family never ex-communicated from the church or disfellowshiped. 

The family had kissing cousin (first cousins) cousin Niva and Manuel, the cousin So’o and Jerome then Lillian and Junior – All whom were first cousins. No one has paid for the crime committed before God! I know the secrets nor I do give a shit how anyone feels. 

The young gal became protector of her Palelei family and thou shalt not touch her. Never after she became an adult, and never will. She grew up with a lot of anger…….You see….

You often wonder as they age how can one forget or leave behind the brutal attack of a child they hated so much even when she became an adult. 

It is awkward that no one has acknowledged their mistakes or even apologized for the pain they have placed upon this young female 16 years of age youth, a child.

Her growing up in this abused family I remember she was surrounded by her mother, her mother’s mother (grandmother) and her mother’s siblings.

Her mother’s sister’s husband would be accessory to the abuse of a child being beaten at the age of 16 because while the 16-year-old was beaten until she bled from her eyes and head. Her Uncles stood at every exit/door so this child would not be able to leave. The abuse continued for hours being dragged to kneel in front of her grandmother, for what? until her father came home from work it was around 7pm. 

Her father furiously in anger called the police as he saw his daughter’s bloody face. The police were called and her mother and her siblings along with her grandmother were hauled off to jail.

This child knew too many secrets in this family and she is ready to write about the hypocrisy among those that made her the woman today—-

“A Woman Of Great Strength”…


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