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#EldersBlessing #MiMadre #IMissYou


I’m not the least worried about my life because I was given my elders blessing.

The only child who bathed and cleaned you. We even sat in the tub and laughed together 💔 as the water came running down on our faces.

The only child with all the kids who would do anything and cater to your need.

The only child who have been to every Dr appt and surgeries.

The only child who went above and beyond for your family faalavelaves (family emergencies and events)

The only child that gave you the master bedroom with your own restroom. It was so convenient for you.

The only child who NEVER stole from you.

The only child you wished that when you died, it would be in her arms alone. And God made that happen.

The only child who funded your funeral with her kids, like her father’s.

The only child that at times my growing up you never sided with me, never felt your motherly love. The only child who was the blame for everything. On your 80th birthday, you apologized and ask for my forgiveness of the way you and your family treated me. I replied, I forgave all of you long ago💕 Two weeks later you returned to our father in heaven 😘

“I’m Blessed, The Only Child” – TIQ/Lala

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