The Reason I Blog

11 years ago this very day our father in heaven called you to serve a greater mission. What mission? I’m still trying to figure that one out as I age.

11 years ago a huge part of my heart separated and went with you.

11 years ago a mothers love was tampered with — taken and not asked.

11 years ago I stayed strong keeping your siblings together.

11 years ago and ongoing I often wondered where did I go wrong?

11 years ago crying seem helpless especially trying to keep the entire family together so I stopped! I now Cry in silent.

11 years ago and ongoing some of your siblings seem lost in the world and mourn in their own way.

11 years later tears are unstoppable. I’d rather stay enclosed with my own privacy to mourn.

11 years later this chapter in my life has no end.

11 years later many will say “he’s in a better place” – is that right? convince me—

11 years later I post this in your remembrance and not expecting any pity from others. It’s to comfort my own heart–

11 years later your death is not anyone’s excuse to not move on with life. No one can change the past but you can change how you live your future.

Today…….and yearly……..

I don’t think this heart will ever be mended. I do know one thing that is certain. I can take on any challenge out there because the greatest battle I’ve faced alone was losing you. The pain I feel emotionally and mentally outweigh the physical pain.❤️



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