(Photo: Instagram)

My mother was a professional seamstress I still praise the beauty of her spirit and physical features as well as the last outfits she sewed for our dance group in Arizona at the age of 78.

This photo I grabbed from Instagram as the figure in front camouflages into the photo. (Smiling with tears) It reminded me of my mother and her sewing skills, and how she never wanted to waste material. So after she sewed my beautiful beautiful dress – And not telling me she sewed matching curtains to my brother(s) rooms. I was invited by friends to visit their church and me all excited to wear the dress – showing it off to strut on Saturday (friends were Seventh Day Adventist)

I couldn’t wait for Saturday.

As I’m getting ready my mother does the switcharoo and put up the curtains. I can’t see the curtains from the living room or my room. When my mother tells me my ride was here I strut outside and my two friends were laughing — Sheeshkabob their entire siblings was in the van (Asoau’s and Papu’s) And they’re laughing hysterically — I’m like what are you guys laughing at?

They’re pointing at the bedroom windows front of the house —

Sole! My mother killed my strut, my hairdo my heels blah blah blah…

Mother dearest used the leftover materials for my brothers’ window curtains —Yikes! Back in the days, we use to say “You Molded Girl” mean shame on you humorously in that slang. I was the walking curtain and never worn it again because I’m supposed to be this badass in Santa Ana homie from the hood. My friends’ siblings would make jokes about me saying. Oh you can find her house just look for the curtains she wore to church GRRRRRRRR!!

#MissingYouMother — Me and my mother would laugh hysterically about it a conversation that pops up during our late hours back in the days and as she ages beautifully. #ILoveYouMotherDearest #TreasuredMemories

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