The Heart of Stupidity vs The Heart of Unconditional Love

I believe I’m in that somewhat comfort zone where I lean on God and God alone. If I have done anything to offend anyone or it’s not his will then let God be in control and tell me to step aside or step down.

I have made some drastic changes in my life last (June) month. I can be your friend on social media but never will I have your corner – they know who I am referring to. My writings on this will never come to an end until I receive the right answers as to, why? I can only forgive a person once I’m not one to forgive continually. Remember that saying?

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Wrote George Horne, an English divine: “When a man deceives me once, says the Italian proverb, it is his fault; when twice, it is mine.”

Frustrating as I try to separate the difference between the heart of stupidity and the heart of unconditional love.

Quote In A Circle - Edited

You see, on various social media platforms, anyone can be who they want to be. Many choose duplicitous behavior which is un-call for.

Why do people do what they do by hurting others in the process? People are so unsympathetic. Pray on it! I’m still waiting on the answers but as usual, I don’t wait I take action.


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