Remembering July 1, 2017


A year ago our family had our first family reunion in Las Vegas at Sam’s Town. Only one of my siblings were not in attendance with his family but, our family reunion was beautiful. Although we were on a limited income of last-minute prepped – our faith in God never lacked and things went too well and above our expectations.


I will always be grateful to my younger brother Keili and my sister in law Beverly for hosting our first family reunion. I know without a doubt my parents were looking from the heavens with joy that we’ve accomplished something in their remembrance.

You see, our family were separated after my mother passed away in 2009. I have never seen my family’s ugliness come out rather than working together. I separated myself and my children from everyone. It was in 2012 things were slowly coming together where I was speaking to my eldest brother and his wife. Then 2014 spoke with my eldest son and his wife (the pain in our hearts) then 2017 was the first time I’ve seen my younger brother and my youngest sister – at the family reunion.

A family reunion is supposed to bring families together. It was emotional when all ended and each family again went their separate ways back to their own state but this time with good intentions that we are again “One Family” reunited by “One Love”…. so we thought….until months passed on by we were back to square one.


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