Thursdays Food For Thought

“Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God” (credits to D&C 18:10 and photo by #mormonchannel)

I can never stop stressing for us to Love ❤️ne Another. It’s such an easy thing to do and it’s free. Learn to love each other without hesitation. Today there are too many negativities in the world that keeps us from loving one another.

It’s only common sense don’t you think?

I don’t live a perfect life. My family doesn’t live a perfect life because I’ve mentioned before – Perfection does not exist but we can only continue to do better and be Christlike. Whether you believe in God or not. You still have the heart to “Love One Another” and be of service to those in need rather than being judgmental of their past or present situation.

Most of you that know me personally know I am a woman of action and my words stick firmly planted to the ground. Most of you that know me – Know, I have slashed my own priorities but making YOU a priority. Most of you that know me also know although you have ripped my heart into pieces abusing my services to help you? I still love you unconditionally.

I try to do my best although at times my halo gets tilted, and only the good Lord is able to balance that one out for me.

We at times can be contradicting but, hey, it’s human nature but yanno —- I continue to pursue what I was taught and feel which is to Love each of you unconditionally – even when you’re testing my last nerve🤨😉🤨 today get out there and be of service to someone and show them that you love them. A smile, A hello how are you? Many ways to show love – it’s FREE!😉32873663_10214312222072793_1589402246167134208_o.jpg
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